Bluetooth Gone Missin'



The built in bluetooth on my 1.5ghz 17in PB decided to take a vacation. It was working a few days ago when I was using a portable bluetooth mouse on the road (not literally using the mouse on a road). Today my computer is telling me that there is no bluetooth module. Haven't installed anything on it since the last time it worked. Everything else works just fine. Ran the usual round of maintainence- permissions repairs, DiskWarrior, Techtool, Mac Janitor, Disk First Aid from the start up disk, firmware and software are up to date, etc.

Nothing seems to bring my bluetooth back.

Any thoughts besides bringing it back to Apple. It's still under warrantee.

Specs- 17" PB, 1.5ghz, 1.5gigs ram, 80 gig hd, OSX.4.2