Bluetooth headset (iChat AV & S700i compatible)

Ok, so recently I started to realize how cool chatting to my friends, free of charge, on iChat AV was. Now I only have a mic in my PowerBook, and NOT in my PowerMac, so i've been forced to use this whenever I want to chat. Also, the voice output coming out of the speakers can be kind of hard to hear etc etc.

All in all, i realize that I wanted a Mic for my PowerMac.

...Then I realized that I wanted a headset, so I can speak and hear clearly, in one unit.

...Then I realize, "Hey why don't I get a Bluetooth compatible one, so I can use it for both my phone and my computer?"

So this, is what I'm after:

A bluetooth headset, that I can definitely pair with my Mac's running Tiger and indeed my Sony Ericsson S700i.

I've never been interested in all this before, so pardon any apparent ignorance I may have show to these devices and their potential compatibility!

Cheers for reading,


- Oh, and is there any chance of me being able to change my name. I know I don't post much here anymore, but i'd like to change it to something, somewhat mature, if possible! :D