Bluetooth Headset & Mac compatability


I just upgraded over the weekend to Panther so I could run Skype and i bought a Logitech Freedom headset to use with it but my mac wont connect to it, it says "Failed to set up the headset. Headsets are not supported on your bluetooth hardware" what kind of bluetooth dongle do I need? I was looking into it on ebay and theres something about CSR compliant, but then theres bluetooth 1.1 and 1.2 (incidently,on the front of the logitech box it says Bluetooth 1.2) so what is compatible with this headset, what do i need to get this workin with my mac?
These are the two i found on ebay


It is more important to know what bluetooth dongle you are using. Anything else but dlink dbt-120 and it won't work. If you are using the dlink, make sure to download the firmware upgrade from and update your bdt-120 dongle.


i decided to take a chance on the csr qualified one, the d-link one was like £35, the csr one was £17, so it was half the price also cause i know people with pc's who would have bought it off me, so i could have sold it to buy the d-link one. Cant understand why they dont officially support this one, or even say it works when they rederence at the bottom of their bluetooth support page.
Anyway it works perfectly, its set up with the Logitech freedom, and it has a 10m range, theres a 100m one available too which would seem handy for iChat/skype, but does anyone know what the 'realistic range' would be, ive heard of people complain of a dramatic falloff in audio quality after 5m on a 10m dongle.