Bluetooth Headset Problems



I am running OS X 10.4.2 on an iMac G5 1.8, with the internal Apple bluetooth module. I also have a Motorola BT headset, the HS805. It's being used with Skype and it has worked without any problems since I bought it about a month ago. But yesterday I needed to replace the battery and after that it is required to pair the headset with the computer again. This works without problems, but the headset isn't shown in the 'Sound' preferences tab. I have used the solution found on the Apple Support pages (using the Assistant), but still nothing. The headset is paired, even connected, but can't choose it for in/output of sound.
Btw, the headset isn't broken, because it works on my mobile phone and on a friends Win laptop without problems.
I'm having exactly the same problem, Headset worked fine until re-paired and now no Sound settings!

Did you find a solution?
Just the same with me! And the same Moto headset. But first I paired it with my iBook (10.3.9) - it works fine even in case of re-pairing. But when I try to pair it with mac mini (using the same bluetooth dongle, first - on 10.3.8, then - on 10.4.2) i get it paired, but I can't get it in my sound preferences. What's the solution? what to do? Where do I read about controlling sound (even bluetooth) in macos? Sorry for beeing silly but are there any unix-like ways of adding other sound devices?