Bluetooth Headset Probs / non-apple bluetooth???


Hey guys..>I'm trying to set up my jabra bt200 bluetooth headset to work with my mac (osx 10.4.2, 15" powerbook 1.67ghz)...and I can get it to pair, but it won't stay connected for more than a split second. this is a problem i've seen a few people have, looking around on various forums and stuff, and i was trying various solutions when i decided to try doing a firmware upgrade on the internal bluetooth module. I downloaded the firmware updater (1.2), tried to run it and it came up with the following error:

"This computer does not have an Apple Bluetooth module installed. It cannot be updated by this application."

Why would my Powerbook not have an Apple Bluetooth module?!?!?! It's got bluetooth installed, it's internal, but looking at the system profile, it says it's the manufacturer is Cambridge Silicon Radio. So is this normal or what? Is the firmware upgrade even going to help me out in the end? Just to clarify...the powerbook came with bt installed's not something added by me!

thanks in advance for your help guys.
I have a MBA with the classic, built in audio has disappeared problem, which I need to take in get fixed. However, until I can live without it for 2-3 weeks I used bluetooth audio for sound. I am now getting the same disconnection after a split second of connecting problem with both a BlueAnt headset and R57 hands-free bluetooth carkit. Interestingly, I can connect fine using the headphones profile (wo mic of course) but it disconnects immediately with the headset profile.

I've found bluetooth to be extremely annoying and useless on the Mac for the last 2 years, but until this last week, flaky would have been the word I would have used. It used to take me several minutes of flicking settings to get it to connect and work. Now it just don't stay connected, period.