Bluetooth limitations


Is it true that iPhones bluetooth can only be used (currently) with headsets? I recently tried to recieve a file via Bluetooth to no avail and on looking it up on google I found an article that says that this is the case.

IF it's true then does anyone know why Apple have done this and wether or not they plan on rectifying it?


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It's true, and the reason for Apple to do it is unknown, i.e. they haven't made any announcements about why they're doing it. My _guess_ is: They want to push E-Mail on the mobile phone. It's easy enough on the iPhone.

Or give "AirSharing" (iPhone app) a try. It works beautifully.


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Yes, that's true.

"Rectifying" something implies that it's broken. It's not broken on the iPhone, it's just not a currently-enabled feature.

Nobody but Apple knows when or where or why or how they'll do this in the future. Plenty of speculation goes on all the time, but it's simply that: speculation.

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Thanks for the help, I hope they change their mind on this, I use bluetooth file sharing a lot for sending/receiving pics and videos from friends phones.

I know with the iPhone it's just as easy to do this via email but not so on other (lesser :p) phones.