Bluetooth Mouse


I'm looking for a 2 button, scroll wheel bluetooth mouse for my Mac... I am a switcher, and have really gotten used to the center scroll wheel on my old Windows machine...

Will the Bluetooth Microsoft mouse work on my new iMac?

Thanks -
RadTech has a few offerings. The one I liked is the BT510 ( I've only seen pictures but it looks pretty sweet and should complement Apple's hardware nicely.

There's also "The Mouse BT" from DVForge ( I have one of these and I can't really recommend this mouse -- It looks pretty damn much like an Apple mouse with a wheel and 2 buttons but it feels cheesy and functions even worse. Some though really like the mouse and have had good luck with it's performance (which is why I posted it here).

I'm sure there are many others that will work but these are the two that look like they belong next to a Mac. I guess that's something that matters to me ;)

Actully there are not. I just got a powerbook and am a Pc switcher. There are somethings in life i cannot live without, a good mouse should be one of them, why mouse makers cant made the mouse i, and im sure, every other powerbook/ibook user wants is beyond me.

What Im looking for:
*Bluetooth with no dongle
*on/off switch so i can cary it in a bag and it does lose power
*a decent size, seriously, who uses the small mice?
*left/right/scroll and the back button, that is all i ask, i want a back button
*no base station, be able to work with the mac directly
*Good Battery life, rechargeble is fine just no base station.

There are really only the "the Mouse" which as you said is cheesy, the Radtech which is ugly and small and no back button, logitech is out cause of the base station (which is too bad cause they are the best), Microsoft is too sturborn to build a good mac mouse, Kenningtons is nice but too few buttons but is probably the closest. If i am missing one that actully is good and meets my criteria PLEASE tell me, I would buy it in a heart beat, no matter the cost.
I've been using the BT510 for a few days now and it's working real nice so far.

Though I can understand how it's not for everyone. It is a bit smaller than other desktop mice but to be honest, I like the size. And as for it being "ugly" I guess that's just a matter of opinion. I like the way it looks and I think It's a good match for the white Apple gear.

My one largest complaint about all the non Apple Bluetooth mice I've tried is that when used with the Apple bluetooth keyboard you have to do funky things to get them to pair when you reboot the machine. Apple's just works. Why can't the others?
Ooh! I've had the same sentiments as other people here, but that MacAlly mouse looks VERY promising. Good find, lucci!