Bluetooth Printing


I am using a Powerbook G4 with a D-Link bluetooth dogle,
linking to an Anycom PM300 Bluetooth print adaptor

I have downloaded and installed the two files found here:

1. Open Printer Setup Utility, which is found in Applications/Utilities
2. Click the Add button to add a printer
3. Make sure that Bluetooth is selected, and you should see the Anycom
PM-300 Bluetooth adapter. If you don't find any devices, check to make
sure that Bluetooth on the Mac is enabled and that the Bluetooth printer
adapter is plugged in properly.
4. Click on the Bluetooth device that appears in the list, and change the
Printer Model pull down menu to HP.
5. In the list printers that appears, select HP DeskJet 5150 Foomatic/hpijs
6. Click the Add button

After i clik the Add button I get the following message
"The application Printer Ser Up Utility has unexpectedly quit"

How can i fix this issue?