Nigel Perrin

MY kit
G5 Powermac 1.8mhz single processor
originally OS x v10.3.5

Bluetooth working fine via Belkin Bluetooth adapter.

Due to a major crash seemingly caused by bad installation from Apple software update to later OS version.
Reloaded OS from system disks, but then bluetooth not working.

Put up with glitchy computer for a few months, yesterday decided to bite the bullet and did a full clean install from system disks and then upgraded to OS x v 10.3.9

Bluetooth still not working

It appears that the system cant find the bluetooth hardware (although the product seems OK, blue light flashing etc when plugged in)
I had this happen once. One of the OS installs accidentally turns off the bluetooth at the level of the power save mode. So technically you do not have bluetooth anymore since it is turned off. Thankfully it is easy to turn back on. What you need to do is reset the PMU.

Unfortunately I do not know how to do that on a G5 so we will have to wait for someone else to pipe up on that one.