Blurry second screen on Macbook Air but only in OSX, not Windows 8

Mark Roberts

Hello - I am boot-camping Windows 8/OsX (I love them both!!!)

However.... one thing that annoys me about the OsX platform is that, for some reason, when I plug my macbook air (late 2011) into my Samsung P2450 (via HDMI), the screen is distinctly blurry.

Now, I've done all the obvious things, such as set it to 1080p (the monitor's native resolution), tweak the monitor's settings, tweak the other visible display settings in OsX - I had thought it must be the fact that it's HDMI - except, when I run windows 8 on exactly the same hardware, also using HDMI, it's far more crisp! So I can only assume it's down to software - perhaps drivers? or the way OsX treats HDMI displays differently from DVI? Or if I was really cynical I'd say it was Apple not support non-Apple hardware ;)

Anyway, I've ordered a DVI cable to test against the Mac, but I wonder if anyone is aware of problems of this nature?