Bondi Blue iMac with 96 Megs of ram

What's your processor speed?

I think you need at least 128MB of RAM, so you would need a boost in that arena. I'm on a MP G4, so i'm not sure how your system would react, but I've heard some G3s have had sluggish performance. Look around the threads, I'm sure someone with your imac has made some comments. maybe that will help you decide
I have my daughters iMac bondi 233 with a updated 15g hd and 256 ram... OS X is running fine and quite fast, compare to what I have been hearing.... I have been camparing it to my Cube running OS X & there is not much different... ( my dock with magnifacintion on is faster, and her screensaver is very slow, open GL graphics or something) but she is very happy and i am too....

good luck...
Uhh, JesseC if you are happy then why the angry face?

Btw you don't have to have 128 MB of RAM. It will run on 64; however if you want to use Classic you should have at least 96 MB. It will run faster if you put more ram in your system though.