Does anybody know of a good book for the less knowledgeable about OSX Server 10.3.9? I find that the stuff that comes with the disk assumes a lot of knowledge that I don't appear to have - or perhaps I need it in words of one syllable!
My two favorite books are Schoun Regan's Visual Quickstart Guide to Mac OS X Server. That's a great book to get you up and running and expose you to new topics. After you finish that one, take a look at Michael Bartosh's Essential Mac OS X Server Administration. That one's a bit steeper and digs deeper into topics. Both are well written and exceptionally useful.

My opinion is slightly biased, but even if it wasn't, I'd still say these are the two finest on the market, that I've read. :)
Thanks!! I was just about to ask that question. After 5 years of our Network Admin saying no way for a mac server we are getting one in two weeks. I'm a lowly elementary school mac tech that will have to learn quickly how to image 90 macs at a new school by August 1st!! I'm headed to Borders today in hopes of finding the Visual Quick Start Guide to Mac OSX Server! Thanks again!
Setting up 90 Macs with an Xserve in the background can be fun...really! If you have some decent networking and good plan, it should be cake!

Let me know if you need help along the way... :)
If they're going to have an OS X Server available, why not just use the built in tools? They're easy to work with and work quite well. :)

Nothing against Bombich, of course, his stuff is great as well!