boot in Win NT mode


But in a good way. What about those rumors that Apples Kbase was running on NT machines first, then they switched over to OSX Server when people found out? Anyone else hear about that?
Yah, I don't know how to classify that post either, but this is getting fun and silly. I want more stuff like this!


Actually, when I have some time, I'm going to try to compile MacMAME for OS X...

Let's run 20 year-old videogames on the latest and most advanced computing platform possible! Yeah! I want to play Joust at 600% normal speed!



MS places a web gate on Windows 2000 with IIS. All requests are shipped back to servers behind their firewall. These servers are Sun UNIX boxes. The IIS left MS open to some easy hacks and other attacks. They, because of the Win 2000 problems have had to turn off ICP at their routers. Try pinging the thing. Also nslookup never gets an authortive answer. About 40% of MS corporate servers are Sun.


Rumor has it that Gates used to keep a 20th Aniversary Mac in his office because it matched his desk and chair. He said it was to test Office 2000 for Mac. What a skeez.


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Windows ???
PSX ????
xmmm good suggestions....

how about N64, other Unien & faux-Unixen...., classic gaming apps.... and... maybe even full emulation of W2K :p lol...

That will show em what the better platform is :p

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Originally posted by phaedo
<b> is running Microsoft-IIS/5.0 on Windows 2000</b>

Go check it out at

Oh did I mention this too:

<b> is running Microsoft-IIS/5.0 on Windows 2000</b>

hotmail...what a paltry little site :)

Oh check out who also runs their servers on windows 2000, no one you've heard of before I'm sure:

<b>The Nasdaq Stock Market, Hotbot, BigCharts, and Dell</b>

Why dont you think before you post stupid stuff.
Just so you know, it is pretty easy to change the server ID of Apache to any of these. This has been done in the past to make it seem like WindowsXX is running when it's really Apache on Solaris/FreeBSD. It may not be the case here, but I wouldn't be so quick to jump to conclusions....


I want to be able to play Adventure! on OSX. Just because it has the greatest line of any video game ever: "It is dark. If you proceed, it is likely you will fall into a pit." That is classic!


If you ever read the developer journals, you'll see that the best tools are all for Windows and Unix. Noone ports them to Mac. Now they can be ported, GUI and all.

Second, all the CS departments at major universities teach Unix. Now, all the best proggers will be able to sit down at a Mac and get some work done.

Finally, it's already possible to port apps written in Cocoa straight to Windows, because most of the Cocoa framework runs on NT. De-frikkin-licious.

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