Boot into OS 9 and X at startup on the same partition!


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:DHa! That's it! I'm king of the world(well, maybe not...;))!!! I was reading rharder's comment in another thread and it gave me a awsome idea: Could you make a small (I mean 50MB) that had an Alias to a OS 9 system folder on another partition? Then when holding option at startup, it would allow you to select your OS 9 system folder, but they would be together on the same partition :D !

Call me lazy, but I don't want to repartition my drive to find out;)

If someone tries it, I'd like to hear.
hmmm... interesting idea, but what exactly is the point, apart from being interesting? ;)
would that procedure be of any advantage? why not just partition the 'normal' way?
Well, I like having everything on one partition. I also like being able to change OS's at startup. Then again, I never really boot into OS 9 anymore, so it doesn't help me much...

Oh, and normal is relative. I only have one partition on my main drive with OS 9, OS X, and the rest of the world on it. I like not having to care which disk I'm saving to, and which disk my programs are on, and so forth.
I'm with mr mac. I'd prefer to have everything on one partition. Right now I have a partition just large enough to hold OS 9.1 and the basic apps, but I would have liked to try the mini-partition trick with symbolic links.