Boot loader OS X <-> OS 9


Hi Beta-Testers out there,
did anyone discover a boot-loader similar to this linuxPPC thing that would let me choose on startup (before booting an OS) which one to load?

It is a bit awkward to boot OS 9 to determine in the "system disk" control panel to use OS X and vice versa.

Thanks a lot,
Holding down the option key when you hear the startup sound should present you with a series of buttons representing your bootable partitions. Click one, then click the button with the arrow pointing to the right to boot. I've had some problems where the OS X partition isn't recognized from this boot loader, but selecting it with System Disk under OS 9 worked just fine.
Every time I restart and have tried to hold down the option key there has been nothing... At all. No buttons, no chance to switch boot disks. I have to open the system prefs and change the boot disk.
I think this solution is fine for G4 owners. Unfortunately, it cannot be used on G3s for their different structure. I am sure Apple is aware of that. But until they don´t present an elegant way out, I am still looking for a boot loader.

Can anyone help?
I hope someone will make a hack that will allow us to boot into what machine we want for the old mac users.