Boot Options


I don't know if anyone has seen this yet.

When booting in to OS X, hold down apple + S and it will come up with UNIX, you will see everything on the Hard Drive, it lets u change everything, be careful, u can do some serious damage here. type EXIT to continue boot.

Also holding down Apple + F when booting(i think its F anyway), with a firewire cable connecting 2 macs, The hard drive with the other will pop up on the desktop of the one have just booted, U can see everything, no matter how many passwords it will always mount with not asking for any passwords. U will see most the UNIX coding here as it shows the top level. Shows anyone could walk in to a office with a PB/iBook plug a firewire cable and take/edit everything with out anypasswords. It works on 9 and 8.6 as well