Boot problems on DP G4


I have a 450MHz DP G4. I find that the USB keyboard and mouse are (randomly?) disabled during boot. You can actually see the mouse laser extinguish, and stay off for the rest of the boot. Sometimes it seems to boot ok if I provide lots of mouse activity at the right moment - although the pattern to this is thin, and it might be completely random.

Once disabled, the only option left is to reset the machine!

Seems like a fairly fundamental oversite with the beta not booting on the newest hardware!

Anyone else have this problem?
I have a Dual 500 G4, and haven't experienced anything remotely similar to what you're experiencing. But, I have a question:
How is your mouse/keyboard hooked up? Is it through a monitor, a hub, directly, etc?
I remember hearing that it'll only detect USB keyboards if it is DIRECTLY hooked up to the computer, and a mouse either directly or through the keyboard.

Hope this helps...
Thanks for the thought Mike. The keyboard is directly connected and the mouse via the keyboard.

I'm looking for any pattern to this (but obviously it's a slow process). My current theory is that it is worse after changing boot volumes (ie if I boot OS 9 & then reboot OS X it is more likely to happen).

Odd. I have had this as well a couple of times. Same config as you! 450MhzDP, 30GB, 128MB. It is indeed random. Do you have the Apple CRT display? I do, and I have not tried plugging the keyboard directly into the computer. It might be the display. I would have to try this.
I am using a VERY old apple fixed frequency 16" colour monitor (832 x 624). I aim to buy a multiscan monitor once my wallet recovers from the G4 :(
I use a Studio Display the new 17" one. I found lately that if I plug the keyboard/mouse into the USB1 port, it seems to be working now. Haven't had a prob since. O course, this could just be coincidence.
I swapped USB ports - no change.

I did narrow down the 'window of opportunity' for mouse activity though. Hold down the 'V' key when rebooting to start in Verbose mode. You will see a pause for initializing the USB keyboard & mouse. Thats when I click & wiggle the mouse alot. Success rate is 100% (4/4) so far. It's a pain, but a work around is better than nothing at all.