boot up problem


I have a huge problem. I am running 10.2.8. I did a restart then I was going to install tiger. when I restarted it wouldn't boot up. I have searched the apple support for help with this problem but none of their articles seem to describe my problem.

When I attempt to boot up it looks as though everything is going normal, it goes to the grey screen, with the turning gear thing, then the gear will stop turning and it will freeze. I cannot boot up in safe mode. I have been able to run the fsck program. One of the other posts said to keep running it until nothing was repaired. I have run it atleast 20 times and it keeps saying that things were repaired. The longer I have it running the louder the fan on the box is getting. It sounds like it is about ready for take off.

Any help on this would be very much appreciated.
Hold down the option key when you boot up, and choose the OS from there, other than that you could boot into single user mode and try fixing things, or if you can boot off of the cdrom/dvd-rom boot from one of the OS X Disc's (the first disc) and repair the volume.

EDIT: What kind of Mac is it? Command + S is to boot up into single user mode, - but you probably already know that from doing fsck . another thing you could do is repairpermissions and/or updateprebindings - sommat like that.
the only thing that i can do to get any response during booting is holding down command, option and s. The other boot combinations don't do anything the screen stays black when i do that.

G5 Power Mac, how do I do the other things that you stated?
I posted up there too (looks like you were posting after I typed it, sorry), that you could try (after fsck -fy) run repairpermissions and or updateprebindings ... to boot from a CDROM you could try to reset your PRAM, CMD+Opt+P+R
sudo update_prebinding -root / -force

that's for prebindings so I think

sudo repair_permissions -root / -force

is for permissions
sudo update_prebinding -root / -force

that's for prebindings so I think

sudo repair_permissions -root / -force

is for permissions

Sorry posted at the same time again lol.
That, I guess, is supposed to happen since you aren't logged into the OS fully... A lot of people experience it. And you can't boot from the CDROM Drive?

Sorry wrong one, you can try to boot into the os via sh /etc/rc at the command prompt (single user).
I'm going to see what that does in verbose mode.
Ok start the computer in Verbose Mode (Command+V) and see what messages come up (it'll say error here or here or that to tell you why it wont login/load/work)
IOSCSIPeripheralDeviceNub: family specific matching fails
Matching service count = 19
IOSCSIPeripheralDeviceNub: Family specific matching fails
Matching service count = 19
IOPlatformPlugin got registration from unknown entity AppleK2Fan
AppleRS232Serial: 0 0 AppleRS232Serial::start - returning false early, Connector or machine incorrect
What kind of mac is it? Now keep running fsck till it doesn't repair anything do fsck -fy until it doesn't repair anything, if still after 100 times it's repairing things, post back.
Power Mac G5

After a while of doing it the fan gets pretty loud like it is working really hard it that a problem?
hi ,
Slooksterpsv , i read the post and he could try " apple Jack " in single user i think !
But i try to for other prob. but it is impossible to d/l it from !
do you know a place that i could d/l it ?
Myne prob. is that, in Safari on the web the apple site is weird , i only hav the text none of those images only question mark sing ??????
It is since 4 months ! :(
The fans getting really loud, nope, its because no software is loaded to control how fast the fans should go so they go to max speed.

As for that problem... with the IOSCSI - I know its a scuzzi problem - have you made any modifications to your PMG5 - and why is Jaguar on it? I thought all PMG5's had Panther on it originally??? Maybe I'm wrong, but... whew this is quite the problem... let's see if you can get into single-user mode and change the boot option:

reset-nvram see if that does anything - has to be in open-firmware mode
I have not made any modifications to it. Jaguar is what came on it when I bought it. I ran fsck 106 times in the last hour and it has modified something each time.

How do I reset the nvram?
type in reset-nvram
Here try this:
type this:
while [ 1 == 1 ]; do fsck -fy; echo "running"; done

then press Control+O, Enter, Control+X - to save it, make sure it saves, and exit
next type in chmod u=rxwx,o=rxwx,g=rxwx
Now type in ./
Let it run till all it says is running, running, running, running, etc. on separate lines.
The sh thing has to be run in Single User Mode or however you're running fsck.
To stop the sh program from running forever, press Control Z to break it - now to run the sh thing, I forgot to mention this, you have to type in ./ I made it an infinite loop.