booting from ipod, pls walk me thro it...


problem.... my old g3 powerbook's cd/dvd rom is bust, and powerbook still runs os9..
i wish to install pather from osx disks. i have an ipod and imac (running panther).

i could buy a replacement cd/dvd from ebay but this is £50.

my solution... startup imac from the osx disks, use disk utility to partition my ipod into a 6 gig and 14 gig partition and install a bootable osx volume onto the 6 gig part'.

startup the powerbook from the ipod and copy the system folder from the ipod to the powerbook.

could anyone tell me if this is possible and if so how to do it..??

or if anyone has any other solution using and imac, ipod, external usb cd RW, an old beige g3 with usb...etc etc i love to hear it.

regards andy
ipod running panther....... wow...

You know, most windows hardware is compatable with mac hardware, you can probably buy a cd rom drive for it and just replace it with that. It will probably work.
I agree with iNoob. Better to get a new CD/DVD-Rom drive than put OSX on an iPod. iPods are designed for infrequent disk use. Putting an OS on the iPod (although neat) would shorten the drive life of the iPod significantly. If you are just transfering the OS over (which I don't know if it is possible), then maybe the iPod will be ok.

Better idea: if your Powerbook can boot into Firewire target disk mode (hold down the 'T' key right after you turn on the powerbook), you can plug the Powerbook into the iMac and the Powerbook drive should show up on your iMac desktop. You can the install Panther from the iMac onto the Powerbook over firewire (takes a while, I've done it with a Tiger DVD onto an iMac via a Powerbook). Good luck!
thanks mrnivit1
sounds like the best solution, i was only going to use the ipod for the disk copy solution as i guy i met on ebay was going to do the same thing, sell me a hard disk with osx already installed and partitioned correctly so i could copy it to my powerbook HD.