Booting OSX from OS9


The System Disk control panel (under OS9) does'nt list OSX drive. I can't switch back to OSX !
SD only shows OS9 drive...

I installed OSX on its own partition of my G3 beige 16 Gb ATA HD and it was running fine after install.

Has anyone a fix ?
Hardware : G3 beige @233Mz 512 Kb L2 Cache
OS9 9.0 (French) on partition 1 (2 Gb)
OSX Beta (French) on partition 3 (2 Gb)
I did this last night, and had no problem. Do you know if you have OSX installed on the first 8 gig of you drive? It is in the documentation that if you don't you could have a problem.
Using Option to select at startup (only works on newest Macs anyway) can mess things up. Or trying to use the older Startup.

How bout zap pram?

Hopefully you haven't run Norton or anything.

Zapping the PRam does'nt fix.
I reinstall all the stuff (YES) reformating OSX partition drive and...
NO change.

One of my partitions does'nt mount anymore. Funny isn't it?

I hope I'll find a fix, for I plan to install (recompiling the sources) Apache with PHP and MySQL to test web sites development.
On the Mac OS X CD, there is a control panel that you must drag on to the Mac OS 9 system : I forgot its name but its purpose is to allow you to reboot with OS X once you have used OS 9.

This will solve your problem.
You mean System Disk.

But that's the application I use.

Actually I'm afraid all my troubles come from the drive setup utilitily I used to partition my HD, namely HD SpeedTools™ 3.0, which is quite fine may be incompatible with OSX.