Booting OSX or OS8.6


Mac OS X installed flawlessly in 15 minutes on a 1999 Powerbook (bronze) 400 MHz. I have OS 8.6 on the first HFS extended partition and OS X on the second HFS extended partition.

--- from Mac OS X to OS 8.6 (after shutdown in Mac OS X)
hold down 'option' key during startup (OS 8.6 should start up)

--- from OS 8.6 to Mac OS X (before shutting down OS 8.6)
from within OS 8.6 (prior to shutdown), open the partition which has OSX and open the
'Mac OS 9' folder. Open the 'System Disk' and select the partition/volume where OS X

I tried other methods but this is the only thing that works for me so far.