Booting PB shows only part of toolbar



My recently-purchased powerbook (3 weeks old) has its' first problem! Hooray!

When I power it on, it goes through the normal steps (gray apple, OSX bootup screen with progress bar, etc.), until it comes to actuially loading the desktop, dock, and taskbar. Instead, it shows only the rightmost centimeter or so of the taskbar (the spotlight icon), and my background (the default one). Eject key and volume controls are working, but clicking the mouse results in nothing. When I move the cursor over the spotlight icon, I get the spinning color wheel, but nothing happens.

Any guesses? I've already rebooted it ~10 times, and reset the PRAM twice.

Okay, in response to some questions:

1. It happened after I let its battery run out, that is, completely - not only did it go to sleep to preserve the contents of memory, it shut down entirely, as in, off. It is now recharged, but will, as stated before, only boot to a certain point.

2. At suggestions, I've fsck -fed, reset the NV- and P-RAM, and removed the battery and replaced it. I've tried booting it while plugged in, and while unplugged.
Try booting while holding the Shift key down (safe boot).
If it boots that way, let us know, if not - 3 weeks old - call Apple.