Booting under linux


Ok, so I have installed linux on my iBook, and if you read my other thread you know I switched to a spare 6gig hard drive since the last one fried. I dont have a copy of osX so I installed YellowDog Linux 3.01 straight up, nothing else on the HD. When I turn it on, I still get the icon changing from Mac Logo to Question mark, I think its just called a Flashing Question-mark. How do I get it to boot into Linux?

Edit: It asked if I wanted yaboot, I said yes. I dunno if you have to have 2 operating systems for this. All I got is Linux...
Yes, you need yaboot if you don't have an OS X installation. Yaboot is the bootloader used on New World Macs like your iBook.

Why are you using 3.01, btw. Yellow Dog Linux is at 4.01 now. I thought I had mentioned that in the other thread....

I don't know if this still holds true, but I believe that you have to create a bootstrap partition along with the swap partition and root partition. The bootstrap partition should be formatted HFS (Mac OS Standard). This is what will hold yaboot.

The swap partition should be double that of your RAM, unless you have something like 512 MB or a gig of RAM. The "/" (or "root") partition can be whatever space you have left. Some people actually split it even further, making partitions for /home, /usr, and other partitions...but that's entirely up to you. I usually just make one large "/" partition and a swap partition.
4.01 wouldn't download, all the links were dead. I already installed linux, I just can't get it to boot up.