bored... any ideas??


ok, i am bored and want to make my destop look better.. anyone help me out here? < -- that is the desktop i have now.. just looking for some ideas =)

also, does anyone know why the thermindock app won't measure the temp? i think i read it doesn't support my comp so i am sure that is why but maybe i am wrong?

-- Russ
either type it in, hit return on the link in the Address spot after it says it won't work and it should load dumb geocities =/
ThermoInDock only works with a few Macs. It workes with my Dual G4 450 at work, but this is the only Mac I know where it works. It didn't work in my Cube or my Quicksilver and also not on a Rev A iMac we have at work. It always shows -1