BrickHouse --- HELP!


I just downloaded BrickHouse because I really really wanted to get a firewall. And I probably need it too.

What I need help with is blocking out stuff except for the needed stuff like a connection and email, and AppleShare. And I don't understand the monitor window at all. Please help me.

Also. Does the app need to be running for it to work?

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Sorry, but I don't have access to Brickhouse right now. But I think I can help. The only tab you really need to be concerned with if your not an advanced user is the default screen (the one with all the checkboxes). Choose the options you want, and then click on Save to settings (or whatever it is). What this will do is create a folder called Firewall in your StartupItems. This houses your firewall rules. As such, the app Brickhouse does not need to be running, it is only an interface to config files. To remove the current set of rules from Brickhouse, simply delete the Firewall Folder in StartupItems.
Also, can I block a certain port for example 6699 (Napster) as well? In DoorStop, this was easy; you just entered a port number and select the type of access.

I don't wanna block Napster (can't live without it), but any port for some reason.

Oh. Mac OS X will not allow anyone (owner and admin) or me to delete anything from that folder. I tried that because it was blocking the Instant Messenger port, so I couldn't use AIM, so I just reinstalled the OS.
I too would like to know how to block specific ports.

As far as your other question goes login as root to delete files from that folder and others that the admin does not have access to.

Hope this helps :),
I can't open or close certain ports.

AIM is one port I need open along with Napster. Napster's closed on the regular prefs.

I did login as "root" and it was really neat how I could just get rid of it w/o having to worry about privelages.

Also, it blocks out my access to my iDisk, even with AppleShare and Webserver checked. It's still got some more stuff to be worked out before <i>I</i> use it.

I still think that Apple should step up and make it's own firewall. Think of it... "the most stable and secure operating system in the world" If it's already implimented in the OS, then why doestn't Apple just make it? It shouldn't ve hard to write.