Brilliant OS X Performance


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I just got a new iBook [check specs. below] and I must admit that I am experiencing tremendous OS X performance. I am blown away by how well this machine works. I honestly feel that I am getting better performance than I did with an iMac 600mhz that I was playing around with. How do I explain this, well I guess I cant. The iBook I must say is one of the best products Apple has ever released, taking into consideration the price. I recommend one of these machines to anyone with a limited budget or someone just looking for a excellent, speedy, little toy.
If this is true, that would be great! I want to purchase an iceBook this fall, but I was hesitating because I wasn't sure if it would work well with OS X.

Other iceBook owners with same experience?
Two days ago I picked up my new iBook. I got the cheapest low end unit (1299$ for a unit with 64 MB ram and a CD-Reader). I quickly installed a 128 MB SO-DIMM and installed OS X. I have to admit I hated Macs with a pation for years, but the new G3/G4s and MacOS X are really ground breaking. I love my iBook so much I'm now using it as my desktop and my AMD 800 Mhz/512 MB Ram/ATI Radeon 64 MB machine running Linux now sits unused :). My iBook runs OS X extremely well, so well that I don't notice any major slow downs unless I'm doing massive file transfers. The one tip I can give is DON'T BOTHER with IE. Go over to and get Netscape 6.1 for MacOS X. Most of my slow downs and stability issues went away when I stoped using IE (Not too suprising when you look at who wrote it). And hey, you gotta love an operating system that includes Emacs and Wget in the base install :D