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would you like to see Apple create there own Browser?

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Saiyan Member
What are your thoughts on Apple creating a new Browser; just for Apple, Cross-platform...etc.?

Would this replace, or give an alterniative for IE (or for some OmniWeb)?
Would it take up some of the control Windows may have over the internet, and allow us to be independent of MS? (read macinstein's articles!)

LIKE OMNI WEB!!!!!!!:cool:
I don't think Apple can really switch gears to do a cross platform browser (Please don't flame me). We don't have to be under Microshafts control now that we are Unix driven (Unix geeks UNITE!). We have open source office suites (or will soon) like star office, we have a fabulous web browser like Omni Web (there is also Fizilla and iCab) now if Apple could just make a better mail client!
I actually like apple's mail client, although it is extreemly buggy and needs some back end work.

But what about all the (legal) issues that Microsoft have had in trying to bundle a browser with an operating system? I wouldn't have though that Apple would want to go down that route.

I guess apple doesn't have to, I could be a download from apple's site.
Although Apple does have IE unfortunetly bundeled with OSX; so what's the difference! Apple could have both bundeled with it along with OmniWeb.
Well the legal issue was that IE was interwoven with the M$ OS, thus someone could not easily remove it, and other browsers would work as well. Take a look at winblows, all you have to do is type a URL insteas of c:\myfiles\myfile.doc and you are at the URL you just specifies (assuming that you are connected).

With apple it wouldnt be like that, it would be a separate app. But still,I would leave apple out of the browser war, let the "experts" handle the browser thing, apple should concentrate on making the OS better.