Broadband via satellite on a Mac?


Does anyone know if there is a company providing satellite internet access for the mac? I have checked on multiple company sites such as Starband and DirecPC but they only show an offering for Windoze. I'm just outside of Denver city limits and cannot get cable or DSL in my area yet (even though my neighborhood is quite large and brand a new modern development.....what the @#$%?) and of course my local providers have thumbs up their butts as to when service will be available. Please help.....must....have...speeeeeeeeeeed!!!!!
unless there's no way you can EVER get cable or dsl where you are, don't bother with satellite; ping times are like 500ms
I highly recommend a service called Nebulink.

Although you can't hook it up to your Mac (at this time) you can get a USB model connection, that you can hook up to a Windows & Linux box... which means it may support OS X possibly.

Anyhow, you use this Linux/Windows box to be a router for your local Mac network at home or at the office. It works wonderfully... its not a good for gaming, but for downloading files, web, etc... you get 60-80k sec downloads.