Broken Folder at startup and unblessable 9


Selected X from the Startup Disk in 9.1 and restarted the machine. On boot I got a *broken* system folder icon. I held down the Option key at startup and chose the only available option (X) but when it comes up with the broken system folder too.

Used the 9.1 CD to reset the Startup Disk back to 9 and restarted -- only to find that 9 didn't have a blessed system folder. It would boot, but absolutely nothing would load at boot.

No fonts.
No control panels.
all the folder/icon/file text is jacked as is the text in the Menus.

I've tried many different ways to "bless" the system folder to no avail. (open/close system folder. open/close the system file. move finder&system out of their folder and then put them back.)

Now what??

Option + control + Command + double click
(this is NOT THE EXACT key combo but it uses these keys)

In the 'old days' of system 6 - 7, this was a little know trick that allowed MUTIPLE Startup folders on a drive. affter that the folder that you had done this to would be the 'blessed' system folder. I kind of dout that Apple would still have that code in effect, but it WOULD solve this problem.

P.S. I am having the VERY SAME os X and 9.1 problem, so any fix that you find PLEASE POST IT!!!

Right now i have my Custom system folder in a 'non boot area' and need to do a reinstall a slim 9.1 (for quickinstall) JUST to get the system to BOOT.

Good luck, ryan
The problem is: If you upgrade Mac OS X, using the Mac OS 9 Startup Disk control panel will render your systems usesless!

The solution: After you update Mac OS X (to any version) you must use the Software Update in Mac OS 9 to update your Startup Disk utility before attempting to switch back to Mac OS X.

If you get the message (paraphrasing) "Switching your startup disk can cause unpredictable results" then you have the old Startup Disk utility.

Hope this helps :)