"broken Folder" - Ibook Won't Start


Hi all,

I have a G3 ibook 600mhz 256mbRAM with 20 GB hard drive running OS 10.1.5. Recently, I have been unable to get the computer to start. When it does start, a "broken folder" icon comes up and the whole thing stops.

Here's what I've tried so far (thanks to those of you who provided this advice):

1) reseting PRAM
2) reseting nvram via OF
3) starting from the system CD (problem is, it wants me to re-install the software and my hard drive is too full to permit that - unless I can get the damn thing to turn on, I can't make space to free up the needed memory)

Any ideas? I'm getting desperate!
To run fsck, you first need to start up your Mac in single-user mode. Here's how:

1. Restart your Mac.

2. Immediately press and hold the Command and "S" keys.

You'll see a bunch of text begin scrolling on your screen. In a few more seconds, you'll see the Unix command line prompt (#).

You're now in single-user mode.

Now that you're at the # prompt, here's how to run fsck:

1. Type: "fsck -f" (that's fsck-space-minus-f).

2. Press Return.

The fsck utility will blast some text onto your screen. If there's damage to your disk, you'll see a message that says:


If you see this message--and this is extremely important-- repeat running fsck. It is normal to have to run fsck more than once -- the first run's repairs often uncover additional problems..

When fsck finally reports that no problems were found, and the # prompt reappears:

3. Type: "reboot" to restart,

or type "exit" to start up without rebooting.

4. Press Return.

Your Mac should proceed to start up normally to the login window or the Finder.