Broken Hinges (left and right)


Hi guys,
I justed wanted to know where i can buy the hinges for a good price. I have some few places where they want to $200.00 for both. Please advice for places where i can buy them online for a cheaper price or is it best look on ebay. Thanks. to all


I would most definately look on ebay, it may take you some time though, there are usually only a few sellers selling them. When my moms right hinge broke, I got on e on ebay for 57$.

In case you don't already know, the screen is glued and expoxied togeher and this makes replacing the hinge a difficult and time consuming task. I was able to find ONE guide on how to do it. it can be found here:,type-4.htm

use the last 3 links on the left.

or you could always build one of these:


I had this happen with a 800ghz g4 tibook (back when it was only a year old), I had the extended warrenty and was mad that Apple wouldnt fix the hinge or peeling paint so I used it to make a desktop. Rebuilt/

I took a large generic PC desktop case, mounted the MB and original 80gb HD on the PC MB trey, then got a bunch of firewire and USB2 drives which I mounted in the top (one DVDrm/CDrw, two 200GBs, one 250mb zip drive and a normal floppydrive).

I mounted the battery in the top, along with the power supply- wired it all up so it only took one AC connection and vola.

Used it that way for an other year until the hard drive died (again, a common tibook problem) which is about when I gave up and got a new computer.

It was nice when it was running, I still have it in storage for when I feel the urge to bring it back to life by making a boot firewire partician to throw on it (that an 800mhz is kinda slow for what I am used to now).

The battery was a nice touch since we lose power here often and it was like a DYI UPS.