Browser Re-Direction Problem


My G4 PowerMac has developed a problem that has me baffled. When I go online (dial up modem) and start any of my web browsers (Safari, Foxfire, IE) no matter what site I try to access, the browser is redirected to the website. I have never been to that website before so I don't know how I got hooked up with it.I'm running Tiger with the latest updates and everything else seems to working properly. I have heard OSX doesn't have problems with viruses so what might this be? Any help is greatly appreciated.
Did you check to see if MyFamily was somehow set as the start page?

I guarantee you this is NOT a virus, but I can't imagine what would cause this to happen in 3 different browsers.

Also try deleting ~/Library/Cookies
And it's not that your father has installed family controls or something for your account?
No parental controls-- I am the father. But your response did get me thinking, and maybe this has something to do with it. The small ISP I use was recently bought out by Earthlink. They wanted me to install their software "for a better internet experience". I did not install. I manually configured using the new settings and have been doing fine for 3-4 weeks. My problem only surfaced 4 days ago. I will try deleting the cookies as suggested but I have already reset Safari and that is supposed to do the same thing. What really puzzles me is how this occurs on all my browsers. Some sites will not load at all, and the others are redirected. I have tried entering the URL's manually and from bookmark pulldown menus with the same result.
ya know...the other day i was trying to go to Google, and I was getting something totally different (sogo search or something??)...i just reset the cable modem and router and stuff and it was fine. But I'm sure my problem isn't the same as yours. have you tried using a different user account and/or browser? that could help isolate the problem.
OK I finally stumbled on the problem and fixed it. It was one of those widgets. I have two weather widgets set up. One is for Baghdad, where my son is. For the past few days it has failed to load the current weather data. Today I changed the address of this widget to another city and everything went back to normal with my browsers. I don't know why it worked, it just did. Thanks to all for the helpful suggestions. One more thing-- how do you remove a widget once it's on your desktop?