Browser War....hehe


Want some of my Kool-aid?
Here are all the browsers I have... minus fizzila it crashed everytim i went to a page other than :mad:

And the winner is..... OMNI WEB :p.

At least in my opinion .:eek:


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I wonder how small it gets ... i;ve never tred putting a lot of things on my dock.... I will now go home, turn on my OS X machine and open up as many apps as possible to see how small the dock gets.
well all those apps werent opend.... i would love to see how many apps u could open b4 pulling your hair out from the speed (or rather the lack of speed).
I have had all X apps opened and Outlook, Netscape, UltraDev, and word in calssic and still no probs, I will do it again and upload the screen:)
Where is OmniWeb ? It is the best browser of all on Mac OS X, moreover, it was build with Cocoa.