Browsers won't connect


I'm running 10.3.9 on my dual 1.25 GHz G4. Suddenly today I couldn't get any browser to connect: I tried Safari, Firefox and finally IE. Backup connected straight away while I was trying to get one or more of the browsers to load anything at all. On the PC, everything is normal. On the G4 mail came in, but wouldn't go out, but was fine both ways on the PC.

I logged into another user on the G4 and got the same problem so it was obviously system-wide: I did the usual stuff - rebooted, repaired permissions - but still nothing. So I booted into safe mode, where everything was fine, rebooted normally and everything seemed OK, but only for the first time the browsers launched. When I tried it a second time, I'm back to square 1, with all browsers trying and failing to connect.

Can anyone give me a clue about what's going on - I don't really want to be in safe mode for ever?