Anyone know of any browsers that can be dummed down? I'm on a T1 connection and building websites at work. But in order to see what they look like on a 56K modem i have to go home and see. Not exactly productive. Are there any browsers or progrmas that can dumn down my connection speed and show me what the site would look like on a 56k modem?

You got a phone line handy? you could always just set up a new location in the Location Manager, and use it to dial up to your home account from your work machine. It'd take a few minutes to set up, but that'd probably do the trick.

I used to know of a site that converted WAP pages into something a little more useful for people not on hand-helds. I can't find it in my bookmarks, though, and Google didn't turn up anything.
WAP stands dor Wireless Access Protocol.
Its what cell phones and bare-minimum-enabled PDAs use to vew special web pages created in wml (a sub-base of XML)

I make wml pages and I want to preview them, that is why I want a WAP browser ;)