browsing directories in column view = load of crap

Magnus Maximus

This is what still really pisses me off the most about 10.1:

I rely heavily on browsing of directories for file access. Often using keyboard, arrowkeys. Thus, I thought I would be pleased with the handy column view in the Finder. But in 10.1 column view, once a single directory has more than 10 items in it, the Finder lays down a huge load of turtle crap. C'mon!!! WTF?

And is there anyway to turn off the (often useless) last column - this "preview" option. I don't always want to know what's inside my file, or see a big picture of an obesely jagged, mangled microsoft file icon.

For Christ's sake I have a G4 processor, I expect speed! It takes more than 1-3 seconds before contents of a directory show up! Give me a f----n break.

(FYI: I've clean-installed 10.1. It is generally fast. Just, one more exception however: IE, scrolling web pages is so slow, it is just not acceptable. <mailto: "microsoft"><blink><B>middle finger</B></blink>)

TiG4 400
256 MB RAM
10 Gb HD