Bug or Feature?

Should OS X bring ALL application windows forward when clicking only one?

  • Yes - I think that this is a bug in OS X

  • Hmm, not sure - I could be convinced either way

  • No - I think the way OS X does it is superior to OS 9

  • I have no strong opinion on this

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I just can't decide if this a "nice modern improvement" or a bug.

In OS 9 clicking on any window for an applicaiton brings all of the windows for the application to the front.

Generally I have about three programs open (BBEdit + IE + Netscape) and it is quite conveneinet clicking on an visible part of any window to bring the applicaiton forware. In fact I often arrange windows with corners showing underneath other ones just for this reason.

Now with OS X clicking a single window does not bring the others to the front. I'm just not sure if this is something good or anoying.

What do you all think?

(I know the Dock helps with this issue, but please let's not re-hash any Dock arguments here. :) )
I really don't care, but if you really want it back, there are a zillion little apps that do that (ASM and XAssist come to mind).
OS X actually gives you both choices. If you just want one window, click it. If you want them all, click the application's Dock icon.
If you option+click or command+click or shift+click (I can't remember which), it brings all the windows to the front...

Personally I LOVE the interleaved windows, and being able to manipulate windows without bringing an entire application and all of its windows to the front. I bet this is a boon to Graphic Artists who deal with large sized image files--they no longer have to wait for all the windows to be redrawn...?
I tried your suggestion about shift-click or cmd-click, etc. Nothing brought all windows to the front.

In fact, option-clicking would hide the current application, so thats not it. Cmd-clicking is reserved for moving around windows in the background without bringing them to the front. Control clicking is for popup menus. So the only reasonable option is shft-clicking, and that doesn't seem to work.

Are you using 10.04, or 10.1?

I would like an option to turn on/off the "feature/bug", although I must point out its not a bug. Apple clearly did this intentionally. I like it sometimes, sometimes I hate it. Ideally, I could list applications that I want this feature for, and leave out the rest. I think its just a matter of getting used to instinctively clicking the dock icon instead of a window.