build 4K73 review


Hardware :
PowerBook bronze G3 333 (Lombard)
128 Mb of RAM
Mac OS X on a 1,4 Gb HFS+ partition

Installation :
No majors problems here, not recognize the startup disc, so need to reboot and press "c" key.
I have pressed "Pause" button by error during the last process, and it was impossible to resume (nothing happened). Restarted, I had the standard questions, and then I was in the Finder.
Note that moving windows during installation stops the progress bar animation.
Resizing the "Log" window glitchs (especially shadows)

Utilisation :
iDisk mounts in 11 seconds, very beautiful, and accessing folders is faster than under MacOS 9
There is a "Desktop (Mac OS 9) folder placed on the Desktop. That is cool !
The Battery Monitor is in the Dock. I don't know if it is standard or if the installer recognized a PowerBook and installed it here.
IE has a beautiful new Aquaish icon. Version 5.1 and naming sheme like Office 2001.
QuickTime opens in 14 bounces... (first time)
Sherlock in 3
Moving a playing QT window is slow, but the movie is still playing.
Resizing QT window into a big one caused the sound to disapear. Not all the system sound, only the movie one.
Launching QTV works well, asking me my connexion speed, and the started. Minimizing BBC news on the Dock is very amazing ! Oh wait... Sound disappears again in QT. Still a problem here.
"Dock Extras" folder contains always 3 items : Displays, Battery Monitor and Signal Strengh (airport)
No new applications here
A great choice of Desktop pictures in this build, with Wide Screen support (cool)

more to come...
Apple System Profiler launches in... 45 bounces :-(

Lotsa frameworks have a GM status !!

Interesting frameworks :
TheaterMode (what is that ??)
SearchKit (maybe a Sherlock kit or a new way of implement it)

... extensions :
HeathrowATA (so Heathrow is not a kernel module for AirPort...)
Theater Mode is on the 17" Studio Display, when you play a movie (Quicktime, DVD, iMovie, or otherwise) fullscreen, the monitor automatically brightens.