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I know that the final release of X is only days away but i can't wait i've got a copy of 4k73 and i'm thinking on installing it on my iBook, are there any risks (especially hardware, my software is expendable) that are involved with 4k73 in portables, or 4k73 in general>
Because 4K73 is not a final release nor is it a "public" release I wouldn't doubt the possibility of it having a bug or two. I would suggest like most people would, to partition your hard drive giving OSX at least 1.5GB and install it on a seprate partition other than what OS 9 is on, and back-up anything important. But as far as causing hardware damage, I wouldn't worry about that, just check that you have the recommended 128MB of ram, although I am running 4K73 on 96MB and it runs just fine. peace