Built in MP3 player


I've read about a Apple Supplied MP3 player on Mac OS X beta? Does anyone have any screen shots of what it looks like? Notes on how it operates.

Please post any info you have.

My copy of Beta should have been here today had apple shipped it when they "said" they would. I should have mine next week. I've read there isn't a lot of functionality yet with it. I'll probably just download soundjam when I get beta. But I'll probably use apple's mp3 player if SoundApp doens't get carbonized, or if someone else doesn't write in cocoa.
Ok, here's a question:

I'm working on a frount end to mpg123, a popular linux mp3 console application.

I'm working in realBASIC because I'm a bit of a wimp ;-)

anyway, when RB shells out to mpg123, it plays the selected mp3 just fine, only the cursor goes to the spinning beach ball whild the mp3 is playing, thus not allowing the user to pause or stop playing.

Is there a way I can 'thread' the mpg123 process away from my app? I've tried shelling strings like "mpg123 file.mp3 &" but it still doesn't work.

Any ideas?
iTunes has a nice cataloging function all is is nice and clean but it takes up too much realestate :( .... I use MacAst Lite still ;)

I like the "set it and forget it" mentality lol :p .. my mac is a jukebox ;)

I use my mac as my jukebox as well, unfortunately, whenever something dies or I want to logout and log back in to have something set itself up... the music stops. This is simply not acceptable :)

So, I sudo screen and startup mpg123 with a bunch of files and the -Z option :) Close the terminal and forget it.

You can log out, log back in, all kinds of good stuff. The only thing I've been meaning to do is have a utility to provide playlists, update the playlists when I toss more files onto the heap, and have mpg123 update its heap.

I think you could also ssh into your machine, mpg123 [args] &, causing mpg123 to immediately fork and give you back a shell. I don't know if the system would kill the process once you left though. I don't see why it would... but I'll try that later. It's all about having your machine CONTINUE to play music no matter what you do to it :)