Burning a dmg file in Winblows XP!

you've got to change the format first on a osx machine, using diskcopy (convert to cdr master image from dmg), and then you can burn it anywhere.

I haven't tried this, I used the hdiutil command line utility to convert the image. But I am in the same situation, as I burn cds on my linux box using cdrecord.
I posted the hdiutil conversion syntax in an earlier thread - if Diskcopy doesn't work for you just look for that.
I got this from another forum,:)
it works...

I usually burn diskcopy img files (toast images, iso image, what have you) using cdrecord on a linux system using cdrecord, but I recently had an occasion to burn a dmg. I tried it with cdrecord, which resulted in a coaster.. but it turns out that Apple has provided us with a command line utility to convert between disk image formats. Behold:

[think:~] oliver% hdiutil convert test.dmg -format UDTO -o test.img

and voila, test.img is ready to be burned with cdrecord on unix. hdiutil actually converts between lots of formats:

DC42 - Disk Copy 4.2
RdWr - NDIF read/write
Rdxx - NDIF read/only
ROCo - NDIF compressed
Rken - NDIF compressed (KenCode)
UDRW - read/write
UDRO - read/only
UDCO - compressed
UDZO - compressed (zlib)
UFBI - entire device
UDTO - DVD/CD master
UDxx - UDIF stub

how about that? the power of unix and a command line..

hope this helps someone


Have fun