Burning DVDs from Mpeg's


Hi guys. I've got a bit of a problem and I don't know if its a fixable one but here goes. When burning quicktime movies to DVD they always come out quite poor quality. I think this is because quicktime movies are only good quality on the small quicktime screen that is "normal size". When you try putting them on full screen in QT you lose significant quality. So when burning them to DVD the same thing seems to happen.
I hope this makes sense to people!! Does anyone know if there is a way round this? Any ideas much appreciated, as always!!
There's no way around it. The "normal" size is the _actual_ size of the files. _Any_ change in resolution results in loss of quality. The Quicktime movies you're talking about being of _less_ resolution than DVD, this clearly means that you'll end up with sub-par quality. You'd have to film with a better camera, or ask the maker of the films for higher resolution versions of the movies.