Burning Mac files on PC


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Is anyone aware of:

1) A program to convert mac image files (.img) to .iso, or any other format burnable on a PC?

2) Any way to burn .img files on a PC?

I'm in a position where I only have IDE-based CD-burners (in my PCs), but my Mac has SCSI only. Without having to add new hardware to the Mac or PC, I'd like to be able to burn files to CDs in HFS that I've downloaded/created/etc on my Mac (files downloaded from the net (either freeware or purchased), backups from my Mac, etc). I understand that I can compress the files that I want to burn into .SIT format, and burn them onto regular ISO-9660 disks, but I'd like the files to be uncompressed on the CD, and I'd like to burn some of my software distributions directly. I also really wouldn't mind burning a copy of the 10.1 update as soon as I download it!

Somebody had posted a "I sent the 10.1 image to a Windows friend..." message. I beleive he said his friend used "Nero". Try a search on this forum for nero.
Thanks for the pointer - the message you're referring to was just posted a few hours ago. Unfortunately there are no details, and I've wasted many a good CD experimenting with Nero's burning capabilities. Does anyone have any practical experience with this?

I know for a fact it can be done. I was burning a cd on a friends mac, and the burning software he had there was an option to make a hybrid cd, ill post again if I remember the name!
Thanks for this thread...

I was having the same problem. I have access to a burner on a PC and I downloaded the 5G64 image but Adaptec Easy CD Creator couldn't do anything with it.

This thread turned me on to the program 'Nero'.

I downloaded and installed it: http://www.nero.com/en/download.htm

From the File menu I chose the 'Burn Image' option and selected the downloaded image file. It correctly identified it as an HFS file and burned it successfully.

I am now installing X.1!!!

Hope this helps...

That's exactly what I'm doing (also with the downloaded demo version of Nero Burning ROM), but I don't seem to be getting the same results. I've tried this with images created with Disk Copy, with Toast, etc, to no avail.

I get the feeling that my files are being corrupted as I move them from the Mac to the PC (I've read some discussion about the resource fork associated with image files, etc).

How are you moving the files from your Mac to your PC? I'm using FTP, and maybe that's my problem.

Also, what extension (.img, .iso, etc), if any, was the image file labeled with? Nero seems to make some of its decisions based on the extension.

i use nero for all this kind of stuff , the 10.1 did not even have a file extention but nero did the trick, take a look at it. you can d/l a free copy and just find a crack
You hit probs with Nero if it's a DMG file... I've heard these can be converted with DiskCopy, but I use the command line... Open the terminal, get to the directory with your DMG file, and issue:

hdiutil convert **your image name**.dmg -format UDTO -o **final image name**.img

This will change it from a DMG to an IMG file, complete with resources (see below) - fully ISO compliant. Nero will want an NRG extension - just use the "all file types" option to pick it up. HDiutil will likely append an extra ".dmg" onto the file (known bug - even in x.1) - just kill that.

Anyway - if it's an image file (.img, .iso, etc.) the transfer between PC and MAC shouldn't corrupt a resource fork, etc. as it's a single image file. If using NERO be sure, when burning an image, to set it to an HFS image prior to starting the burn if it doesn't automaticly select that for you.

If you've hit problems, you're likely trying to burn the DMG file. DMG is like and iMG or ISO file - except that it's missing the recource forks in the image that would make it a burnable/bootable CD once burned. So this has to be converted...

Typing this from G64 burned in this manner ;)