Burning Multiple Cds On G5 And Itunes 4.9


I am running on a new dual 4.7 GHz G5, 2 Gb memory, OS 10.4 and iTunes 4.9. I have an extensive library of audiobooks downloaded from Audible.com. I have tried to burn several books to CDs in a way that worked on my old G4 (quicksilver). I have yet to succeed in getting a complete set of CDs for any book. I have tried several times, including changing the burn speed.

There are typically three things that happen:
1) the first CD burns OK. It asks for a second CD, and when I insert that one, iTunes acts as if it is complete.

2) the same as #1, but it stops somewhere prior to the last disk.

3) iTunes APPEARS to burn all the CDs, but the last one is incorrect. The transitions on all the previous ones are correct, but I lose the last section of the book.

I have looked through all the forums on this site AND on the apple site. I have found nothing like this. I am concerned that my new machine has a serious problem.

Any advice?

Thank you,