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Question about fonts:

Under Mac OS 9 I had access to thousands of fonts stored in a folder outside of my System Folder on another hard drive. I used ATM Deluxe to temporarily access those fonts by turning them on and off at will.

Will I have any such control with the Fonts Panel in OS X? I still have need to access these fonts from time to time but I'm reluctant to drag them all into the OS X Fonts folder for fear of bogging down system performance (as under OS 9).

Any answers or suggestions?


About my Blue G3:
450 MHz, 384 MB RAM
3 internal IDE hard drives (8 GB, 30 GB, 30 GB)
Iomega Zip drive, CD-ROM drive
Linksys Etherfast Cable/DSL router, Linksys ethernet hub
Mac OS 9.1 and Mac OS X 10.0.4.
The OSX font panel has favorite sets built in. They won't bog down the system, since OSX doesn't load all fonts at once like 9 does. The only time I've noticed a slowdown is when first opening the fonts panel after installing new fonts; I guess it has to rebuild its cache or something. FWIW I have 627 fonts in ~/Library/Fonts/
You wouldn't know how to get hold of OS X fonts?

I think OS X uses TrueType fonts; I think I read that somewhere.
Would that mean I can just drag'n'drop fonts from my 'classic' collection, or do I have to convert them first?

G4/450 DP 768MB RAM 40 GB 10 GB 30 GB :D