Burning with Nero in Windows


Ok this may be a stupid question, and I'm pretty sure macavenger has the instructions on his ftp (Wasn't able to get them before he changed the u/p, just barely got my download done. THANKS AGAIN for the download Mac). I am running windows 98, and Nero 5.5.4. I am the image moved over from my Mac to my PC, and am just wondering how in the world I burn this image.

Any help would be great. Thank you.

Open Nero. Select "Burn Image" - select "all files" option from the dropdown when it's looking for the image - otherwise it's looking for an NRG file. Select your image and if it doesn't default to and HFS image, tell it to. Burn and enjoy.

This works on a true image file (.img) and NOT on a DMG file. If you have a DMG file you have to go through DiskCopy (I've heard) or convert via command line from DMG to IMG format for burning...

There's a thread further down about this very thing where I ran through the command line procedure for converting... if DiskCopy won't do it for you you can give that a try.

Anyway - a DMG file won't mount, etc. once burned. So convert ot IMG if necessary and run through the steps at top + you'll be good to go. It's painless...
OK heres the deal --- Just did it --- get the image file of OSX as in the one off my site ftp://mac:mac@dav.dyndns.org (warning slow cause of massive people logged in dl'in OSX) next pull up Nero in my case I have build cancel outta the wizards and go to file/select burn image/ when the dialog box comes up choose data mode 1 and check the box for raw data (important) next click burn ---- congrats U now has an HFS format bootable mac disk

PS takes 20 minutes to install on an icebook with 256megs

Good Luck
Well I did the Burn from image again and this time it worked. Got the CD burnt, was already a .img file. Seems to be working fine except that when I boot up off of it, I get a error stating that the installer unexpectedly quit, error 0. Have to dig out my Sad Macs and Other Disasters book to remember what that error means. Again thanks for your help guys.

Very interesting thread... I have suspected in the past that I would not be the only iMac user stuck with no dedicated Mac burner, only with Nero and a PC.

Now it seems to me that Nero has adopted a different file recognition scheme, which rules out some forms of toast images as unrecognisable. I've tried 2 5g64 images, I've somehow managed to burn them so finder in 9.2 and X recognise the CD, but I was unable to finish the installation due to the installer error mentioned by others.
Also, the trick of restoring the image onto a separate partition using Apple Software Restore doesn't seem to be working either.

If anyone has any clue on how to burn this damn cd, please add it to this thread!
I was finally able to get some of my burning problems straightened out (note my posts on some of the recent, similar threads). It seems that Nero is unable to burn compressed, read-only .img files created with Disk Copy (which makes sense to me, since Nero would have to uncompress the image and obviously isn't quite that smart). I also had problems burning SOME images created by Disk Copy as Read-Only, uncompressed - I'm not sure what the difference is here.

What I've found works 100% of the time is to take images and convert them to Toast-format image files with the "Save as Disc Image" option in Toast Titanium 5.0. Then I can transfer the file one of my PC (with FTP, via CIFS with Dave or SAMBA, etc), and burn the image in Nero by using walrusjb's method above. Nero doesn't automatically detect the image type, so you'll still need to select "HFS" from the drop-down list, and use the defaults. So far, as long as I don't see the "image isn't aligned to byte" error message, then things work great!

This is great! I'm finally able to make backups, CDs, etc. that I've desperately needed without having to spend the unecessary cost of buying a whole new burner, or an IDE card for my dilapidated 7300.