"busy" AirPort Express print server problem

Ian J

I am no longer able to print through my AirPort Express USB port after up-dating my OSX to 10.4.2 (iMac G5 w/ Aiport Extreme V.400.17) and my two AirPort Expresses to V6.2.

I’ve got a D-Link DI-784 802.11a/g router running DHCP @ and two AirPort Expresses, one always gets (connected via USB to parallel printer) and the other gets (streams iTunes to my stereo).

Whenever I initiate a “Print” command, it seems to process and send, but I keep getting the message,

“Network host ‘’ busy; will retry in xx seconds…”

I am using HP LaserJet 4M Foomatic/hpjis and a USB to parallel cable. Gimp and/or Foomatic printing used to work fine (in combination with Rendezvous I think) to both my large format HP 450C and my LaserJet 4M prior to yesterday’s software upgrades.

It does not seem to matter how I “add” the printer via the ‘Advanced’ dialogue (option-click on “More Printers…” button), i.e.-AppSocket/HP JetDirect or IPP.

I think I may have my “Queue” name messed up in the non-advanced dialogue (the queue name seems to have a mind of its own…always pulling the name from the “Name:” field and adding underscores no matter what I enter in the “Queue:” edit field.

Are there official “queue” names and “device” names I should be using in the non-advanced and/or advanced dialogue boxes? Where do I find these “official” names? (My print server AirPort is named “Office AirPort”).

If I remember correctly, I think my printers used to show up as Rendezvous options, but I have no idea how the new corresponding “Bonjour registered printer…” settings work.

Why doesn’t Bonjour help me out?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!