Buy it!


I support your point. Apple has spent more than 10 year to develop this X version. It should worth Mac user to buy.

But I am still using the ILLEGAL one because the beta version is time limited. I use ILLEGAL copy is because I want to buy my language version. Apple still issue the language version I use. Actually if it offer the input method of my language in International English Copy, I will buy it. But it doesn't. I don't want to spend twice to buy OS X. No need. I am waiting.

OS X is really very good version with millions bug and less funtions, which is in OS9.
Just what is that last line supposed to be saying? Your post makes very little sense over all.
haha, actually this is the reply-post to other issue, just because I click the wrong button, I created the new thread.

I need Simplified and Tradictional Language version to do Design work. It is said the under Simplified or Traditional Language env., I can set to any language I want to use.

9.1 with OS X (PB k29) to evaluate.

I got an illegal copy of X, and I found I should move my design work to X. X is great
In any case, your argument makes no sense. If you are using OS X now (a pirated copy) and it doesnt have traditional and simplified (I assume chinese) then why not buy the regular version. If you just have it but never use it and it is as good as have gone in the trash because of non-use, then ok, but if you use it, buy it!
Actually I have got the legal one because it is copied from the one of my friend's. It doesn't have language package. It is said the tradictional is out. Maybe 1 or 2 months later, I will receive my copy.