buy now ...or...wait till later ???


Simply Daemonic
Small opinion poll set up by yours trully.
Have many of you flocked to compuer stores to get MacOS X or are you waiting ?

Personally I am all for helping apple and I would buy OS X. IN previous OS releases I went on the day it was released and bought it. For OS X I did not do so and probably will not.

Why ? Well OS X is a very nice and robust OS, this part I like, but unfortunatelly it does not include support for what I want in an OS right now. Granted these features will be available for download "later" but then again I can always go and buy the OS "later"

DVD playback, VPC support, CD-RW capabilities, and more than the 7 languages matter to me as an individual user. I switch back and forth between VPC environements and the mac. Usually to do small conversions using apps that done exist on the mac. To do this in OS X, currently, a reboot is needed. In order to watch a DVD, a reboot is needed, and I think fmro what is being said that to write discs you need to reboot.

I want those extra functions that apple left off. The M$ tactictic might work well for M$ junkies/andicts/brainwahsed but not for me.

What do you guys think on the matter ?
Di you buy it today (or soon) ? why ?
Did you not ? Will you wait ? why ??

I'd go for it now. You can always restart into 9 when you need to, and when you're doing things that don't require 9 (web surfing, email, chatting, playing mp3s, and so on.. it's probably most of the time, and the list is only going to grow) your entire OS wont crash, you won't have to wait for Netscape to finish rendering a page before you can switch to another app, or do any of the other nasty things that 9 currently requires. You're not losing anything by upgrading to X, and you're potentially gaining quite a lot.

I'm finding OSX a much more pleasant environment than 9... Things like the iDisk icon in the toolbar; I *never* used iDisk before - I had made an alias to it on my desktop, but it always asked for a password, the icon was always buried, etc.. Suddenly I'm actually using it, since it's just as easy as using any other volume. Now it's not big enough though LOL

Do you have 9.1 already? If not, you could look at OSX as a 9.1 upgrade, with an OSX & dev tools cd thrown in the box for free. I know it's a free upgrade, but still...

It's like the answer I always give when people ask if they should buy a computer now, or wait and get a better deal on something faster... If you wait forever you'll get a great deal. You also won't have a computer.

Anyway, it's up to you, but for me it was a no-brainer :)

ps OmniWeb 4.0 Final Candidate is out, and doesn't work with Public Beta ;)