Buy Tiger or iWork?


I'm itching to spend some money either on Tiger 10.4 or iWork suite. Which would you get? I'm pretty happy with Panther. I'm really interested in Pages but I'd like to how does it handle being used to make webpages? says it can export HTML.
Hey fuzz! I have both and I can say with 100% certainty, TIGER! Pages is really disappointing. It lacks interesting features and its usability is not up to Apple standards by a long shot. I feel like I wasted my $ on iWork while Tiger with Spotlight has changed my life. Dashboard too.

P.S. I did use Pages to make what I thought was a neat looking resume, so (just for you) I tried the export as html feayure, but the charts, layout and graphics failed to export correctly. I would say its export as html functionality is on par with Word!!!
Without knowing what hardware you have, I'll assume that you have a G4 or better with enough RAM and disk. Based on that assumption, I recommend that you go with Tiger. The productivity gains are worth it. If you have a G3... consider iWork as Tiger will be quite slow.